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Microsoft Product Inaccessibility Disorder, A pandemic of potentially Destructive Proportions

At Microsoft, there seems to be a company-wide, worldwide problem with not making their products accessible even though they have their website, they seem to think that either you have to accept their woefully inadequate “Narrator” and “Magnifier” tools … Continue reading

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Microsoft v. Mac Full Screen Video Playback sizes

Has anyone ever wondered why Microsoft must have their full screen video sizes at only half screen while most (if not all) other Operating Systems out there give a viewer the entire screen to see the video in true full screen … Continue reading

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Dear US Chamber of Commerce,

Stop your fight to destroy the freedom of speech on the internet.  Passage of your brain child, the “Internet Censorship Act” would severely cripple the right for people like me (and you, I may add) to speak out on the internet.  What … Continue reading

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What should Media Do? What I would do to Community News Corp to make it Post-Paper Ready

Media should be a better open partner with the citizen, see  Here’s a top 10 list of what I would do if I were a manager or the owner of Community News Corp ( 1. Recruit citizen journalists and … Continue reading

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Microsoft latest Release

I heard that Microsoft recently released and debuted Windows Server 2008 which is in Beta 3, but where’s the customer evidence from the TAP customers or the product guide, datasheet and so on?  Come on Microsoft, get it done right … Continue reading

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