Microsoft v. Mac Full Screen Video Playback sizes

Has anyone ever wondered why Microsoft must have their full screen video sizes at only half screen while most (if not all) other Operating Systems out there give a viewer the entire screen to see the video in true full screen mode?  That SUCKS!!!  We need to take control of the video sizes and teach the monopolistic hog of a software giant a few other lessons like in accessibility, their new “Metro-style’ UI, publishing standards, user/visitor tracking and so on.  What we really need to teach the big bully of bullies in the software world is security and identity protection (We demand more security and not to be haunted by partners who pay for our names and information.  We also demand the maximum amount of security on the computer as far as anti-hacking, anti-virus, anti-tampering and other threat elimination (or at least drastric reduction) in fewer and fewer updates.).

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