Solution for SOPA and PIPA Acceptability

Here’s what I’d like to see in a solution for SOPA and PIPA that would be acceptable to me and hopefully many others.

1. A protection of our basic rights on the free and open internet while giving the government (and many others around the world) the capability to go after foreign enemies

2. Our government using the technologists’ backlash as a tool to carve out a better future in energy policy (not to mention reality and fact), technology bill of rights, a summit where the discussion is how to improve, reinforce and transform rather than remove/repeal the 2010 healthcare reform law and so on

3. The people of the internet era using the internet as a tool to mandate companies, individuals and any other entities pay their fair share of taxes (all taxes)

4. Our government being able to continually look at industries, determine the best performing ones and deny them subsidies de jure (through laws, etc.)

5. Our government mandating all web, mobile and some other content types be equally accessible to, by and for all

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