Stop SOPA and PIPA or turn into another China

Dear Congress (both Houses),

Do you want to turn this country into another PRC with internet censorship a mandate rather than a far flung fantasy because of our freedoms?  If so, follow the COC’s shepherds like lost lambs and we’ll resemble China in a few small years.  Otherwise, let the internet remain FREE, OPEN and all those other values we Americans hold so dear and let those government agencies intelligent enough to do their internet & telecom wizardry stop piracy, terrorism sponsorship, etc. their way.  Keep your hands off the controls of the internet in this fabulous nation unless we, the people tell you to.

Wikipedia and other businesses are shutting their sites down about now.  I give them all the credit, encouragement and so much more in the world to do so.  I hate SOPA and PIPA.  I’m leaving my website where it is until Thursday morning after I wake up for the same reason as Wikipedia’s leaving its website down for the next 24 hours.

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