Dear US Chamber of Commerce,

Stop your fight to destroy the freedom of speech on the internet.  Passage of your brain child, the “Internet Censorship Act” would severely cripple the right for people like me (and you, I may add) to speak out on the internet.  What would you think if we the people demanded (under the ICA) that your website or the website of one of your cohorts in Congress be shut down based on a simple allegation?  What, dear US COC, would you think if we, the people, used the Internet Censorship Act to fight against you and forced your buddies in the government to scramble and clean up the B.S. and propaganda off their websites.  In effect, I think (and know) that we’d be giving you losers a taste of your own medicine.  Stop the fight for internet censorship forever or that’s precisely what we’ll do the nanosecond that bill turn law is signed and on the books.  You have my fair warning.

“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is at the forefront of efforts to pass the Internet Censorship Act, which fundamentally threatens the internet as we know it.

If the bill passes, corporate copyright holders would be able to demand the government shut down a website based on nothing more than an allegation that the website contains copyrighted material. And the government could do this even without a court order.

The free speech implications of this kind of extra-judicial government censorship of the internet is chilling. It’s nothing short of an outright attack on our free internet.

Google, which is strongly opposed to the Internet Censorship Act and has an unofficial motto of “Don’t be evil,” is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. But the Chamber’s all-out support of this incredibly dangerous legislation has reportedly caused Google to consider quitting the right wing organization in protest.”

I hope everyone who reads this will blog about it, quit the US Chamber of Commerce and/or do anything you can to ensure this bill and this effort is nowhere near successful!

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