What should Media Do? What I would do to Community News Corp to make it Post-Paper Ready

Media should be a better open partner with the citizen, see http://www.buzzmachine.com/what-would-google-do/.  Here’s a top 10 list of what I would do if I were a manager or the owner of Community News Corp (www.communitynewscorp.com).

1. Recruit citizen journalists and encourage them to produce and generate good news by offering incentives

2. Build a YouTube channel with local news, school info and sports in our area linked to the various sites we own

3. Power citizen editors, journalists and bloggers with CNC’s own platform

4. Make sure journalists (whom CNC pays) do what they do best and link to the rest

5. Mandate the starting of blogs for reporters and editors to listen to the people

6. Provide citizens with a platform to interact with, propose and correct news

7. Develop a plan and timeline for turning off and locking away the presses

8. Promote clean power and citizen-empowered political reporting & blogging

9. Convert our offices and company vehicles (if any) to renewable power and encourage the same from employees

10. Analyze readership and encourage readers to bring news to us and so on.

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