iPhone 4S, Siri and What Microsoft should do for Siri-like Solutions

I recently purchased a new iPhone 4S with Siri.  I love it.  In this post, I will be talking about what Microsoft could do with Windows Phones and Windows 8 to make it more like the iPhone 4S.

Apple should not be aboe to control access to Siri.  Siri’s technology platform should be able to be taken outside the iPhone 4S and especially Apple.  Microsoft, for one, should be able to license Siri’s technology(ies) from Apple to implement in Windows Phone Mango and Windows 8.  If this is done, I believe Apple will create more value around itself if Siri gets outside usage because Siri will become a more standard capability to all potential users.  If, however, Apple keeps Siri inside, then fewer users will be able to use it therefore blocking Apple from receiving extra revenue through licensing fees and blocking the power of further innovation on Siri from even happening with the users being involved and included.

If Microsoft should be able to include Siri in its Windows Phones, Windows 7 SP2, Windows 8 or other software, solutions and services, it would bring so many more users and customers to Microsoft and mandate further innovations into Microsoft’s future with Windows 8, Windows Phone 7 and other products and services Microsoft embeds the Siri platform in.  The proliferation of those products will earn Apple even more revenue and prestige by allowing users to use, build on top of and benefit from Siri, future updates and upgrades and the technologies, features and services they use and/or develop on top of it as well as what others develop on top of Siri to build their revenue and value.  In effect, if Siri is allowed to proliferate, it could become the top and only platform for speech recognition and natural language processing for as long as nobody undercuts or beats it.

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