Windows 8 with total accessibility or I’ll convert to ALL MacOS X Lion

I’ve made my decision. If Microsoft releases its Windows 8 and doesn’t make it totally accessible and commit to the same for all products (in the app store or not), I’ll convert all of my knowledge and buy three Macs. Not only that, I’ll encourage my friends and the family that can and will to do so as well. Here are the top 35 features besides total accessibility I want in Windows 8.
1. Sleep mode with Embedded Auto-Save
2. Access to the charm-based system introduced in the Developer Preview
3. Integrated Speech Recognition (at least mid-list and off the shelf)
4. One click/tap access to ALL Accessibility components
5. Classic View Internet & Windows Explorers on click or tap
6. Cloud-based backup for Service Pack failure recovery needs
7. Embedded Version Management everywhere
8. No need for Error Reporting and Low Disk Space/Disk Cleanup stunts of the XP era
9. Power user utilities in a user’s account turned on as the user’s ability is shown
10. Windows Media Center total accessibility
11. A platform that everyone can develop on and for
12. An updated and extensive command prompt
13. One Touch VHD Mounting
14. Integrated Video Training (like from Professor Teaches)
15. Intuitive Folder, File and Computer Management
16. Windows Composer (for music composition)
17. Advanced photo editing built into Windows
18. Windows Accessibility Testing Utility
19. Deletion of Windows’ Notepad and Integration of Notepad++
20. No Windows Phone Elements in Windows 8 except for the ones you’ve already revealed
21. Accessible Help & On Demand Video, IM or Phone Support built into Windows 8 in an app
22. Compatibility for Office and other programs for Windows on Macs, Linux PCs and others and visa versa
23. FREE apps on top, not on the bottom or at a search in the app store (especially Accessible FREE apps)
24. Something like “Genius,” “Ping” and other iPhone, iPad and iTunes features
25. No Questions asked access to the Cloud (preferrably FREE), Low price access and direct hosting on servers

26. Optimized access to the world of Apps allowed on other platforms

27. Extensive Sync to the Cloud before Updates are downloaded and installed (like the new features of iOS 5

28. Windows Location Services (like iOS 5 and earlier)

29. Scripting tools better than PowerShell built into the OS directly

30. A firm commitment for 10x better security than XP to Windows 7 (Especially through improved defense of the entire platform and not just for the enterprise, but for ALL users, period.)

31. A commitment from Microsoft to do the following: 1) Eliminate the placement of family unfriendly content on the computer, 2) Eliminate the allowance of Cookies and other tracking capabilities from websites, etc., 3) Ensure that HTML 5 continues to develop, but in an accessible and previously trained developer friendly format that can be written (for the most part) by previously released web design/development tools and 4) Development of a standard, easily understandable, easily written and easily implemented Development format, language and so on to make Windows 8 the platform everyone can develop on, for, around and so on.

32. A better Windows Paint and the introduction of a tool for actually “drawing” outside Paint’s realm

33. The creation of several kinds of tools, services and add-ons including: 1) Windows CD Maker, 2) Windows Notebook (like OneNote in Office), 3) Windows Live Remote Access, 4) Windows Live Social Context, 5) Windows Jukebox, 6) Windows Live Application Center, 7) Windows Research Manager, 8) Windows Live Librarian, 9) Windows Live Developer Suite (with Testing tools, etc.) and 10) Windows Safe Test Management Server (a server dev’s can start and test their applications, services or whatever in a safe, reliable, intuitive and intelligent testing environment)

34. ISO to Executable Conversion or Executable file Mounting Capability(ies)

35. Windows Identity & Credential Vault (blocks any security threat from accessing such data by locking it away in a file, folder or other location(s) tighter than Ft. Knox, but available through CardSpace if requested by a website or application found reliable and acceptable by the CardSpace or other service and maybe even insured through LifeLock)
I’m serious about those features (or about 90% of them).

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