Windows Live’s “Allow Access” Hell!

To Windows Live:

I’ve been attempting to make Windows Live allow my WL Contacts into my OWN LinkedIn account to see who I already KNOW on the network.  When I do so, I enter WL’s “Allow Access” HELL!  This is because the idiotically imperfect, lousy and ignorant (and unmoving) system refuses to allow ME to give MYSELF access to or import MY contacts into MY OWN LinkedIn account which ME, MYSELF AND I CREATED, manage and use.  So what if LinkedIn and not Microsoft is the service, platform, interface and engine behind adding professional, personal contacts and building my network, contact spread and so on.  Microsoft itself should be open, transparent and if it wants to be the platform, it should develop it or get the HELL out of the user’s path and give the F’ING control to the customer, user and community.  If it can’t do that, then the people who do and can will win and evil Microsoft will at last get F’ing Justice once and for all (or at least until it learns the new ways and paradigms of the internet driven by consumer & customer controlled distributed organizations.  To learn, it (Microsoft) should take a page from Google, Dell, Facebook and others who totally get the new internet and the new business model.

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