Saving the USA from the Party of Idiots (Republicans)

To all you die hard Tea Party and establishment Republicans out there, admit your policies have failed in the past and will fail again.  I have something to say to National Democrats:

Get the hell behind your Congressmen and women and Senators who have crucial campaigns to win.  In fact, I have a race I need you to support.  Congressman Walz of the 1st District of Minnesota has been doing what the American Public sent him there to do.  Get behind him with at least a $200,000 attack campaign against his oponents or lose the legislative branch to your long-time arch enemies the Republicans!


Get back to work doing what the American people who sent you to your posts asked of you.  RUN THIS COUNTRY!  STOP SNIPING and BITCHING at each other like rival debaters and COOPERATE once and awhile.  Former President Bush left this horror of a budget for you all to fix.  Now do what’s needed and help bring a sense of unity, not partisan bitchery, to this country we Americans ALL love or should love so much.  Fight for the things and on the issues the American public ASKED YOU to fight for.

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