The past year, etc.

It’s been a busy 2009.  I started it with being back home after a 13 month experiment of living in my own apartment.  May found me getting my new computer.  August found me going on an Alaskan cruise with my parents and enjoying most of it.  September found me starting a new internship at the Rochester office of Congressman Walz.  November found me getting started with the Blind Online Success System (BOSS) program and with the placement team at Minnesota State Services for the Blind.  December started with my finding out that Oprah is going to quit her network TV show and switch to cable.  To her, I have one comment/suggestion.  If you’re really for the "common man," then stick with network TV since many of us can’t get or afford or don’t have cable or satellite TV service.  Also, your show’s not as good as it was a few years ago anyway.  Who’d want to pay premier prices for programming that’s less than the best on network TV in the first place?  To the media, I have one thing to say about the continuing soap opera surrounding Tiger Woods.  If you and your friends the pavaratzi would treat celebrities like you and anyone in the general population expect to be treated, then maybe celebrities and their families wouldn’t be so hostile toward you.  Leave what’s private as it is meant to be (private) and go on your way.
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