Teenage Hacker Scores $60,000 From Google For Discovering Security Issue In Chrome (Again)

Love to hire him!! Good going!! Love to have that kind of cash!! ()-:

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Coughlin playing no-respect card in advance of 49ers game

This is stupid. The Giants shouldn’t be selling it. The 49ers coach should as they’ve had some tough to choke down losses and they were supposed to be the best team in Football. That makes Coughlin’s move stupid especially where they are. God help the Giants if they lose. Maybe then they’d be able to show that kind of attitude and play that no-respect game.

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Microsoft Product Inaccessibility Disorder, A pandemic of potentially Destructive Proportions

At Microsoft, there seems to be a company-wide, worldwide problem with not making their products accessible even though they have their http://www.microsoft.com/enable website, they seem to think that either you have to accept their woefully inadequate “Narrator” and “Magnifier” tools in Windows or you have to rely on another company to do a free tool for you or spend up to thousands of dollars in assistive technology.  That holds especially true for the latest score of products coming from the great giant and master of accessibility and commitment in action.  Maybe I don’t want to rely on NVDA, the free System Access to Go and I don’t want to keep paying for JAWS SMA maintenance, but want something that rivals a VoiceOver like solution in my favorite OS, Windows and its latest incarnation (Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Phone 8).  Maybe I want to have the choice to flip the switch to shut JFW up and go into a baked in solution to either read or magnify and navigate the screen.  As you’ll notice if you go to this link http://www.microsoft.com/enable/microsoft/default.aspx, Microsoft lists Windows 7 and Office 2010, but makes no statements about its upcoming offerings.

Here are 10 things that aught to be easy to implement with that unified code base Microsoft’s been so hyper to brag up this week in Toronto at WPC which I’m watching through live streaming.  They are as follows; 1) JAWS quality voices at the in-the-box price, 2) Live tiles that are read at the instant of change, 3) Authentication through a solution involving speech recognition, 4) Most of the same keystrokes and menu layouts we know and love from earlier versions of the OS, 5) A built-in development system that the most coding illiterate can develop with, 6) Integration and isolation of Office 15 public beta code for testers at the time of Windows 8 release, 7) Desktop view when you turn your computer on, not the start screen, 8) Metro v. full featured app view preferences set in control panel (with classic view in control panel & win explorer, 9) System-wide Auto-Save (like MacOS X Lion) and 10) Removal of the notification bar from IE to make downloads or required actions come to the user directly instead of assistive technology having to inform us that the toolbar is there and what it’s wanting us to know or do.  Now, here are things that should be implemented before the next version after Windows 8 and the current slate of products comes out.

1. An abandonment of UIA and the adoption of something I’d like to call a Totally Accessible & Natural User Experience (where you automatically have that switch between AT products and baked in solutions, coexisting speech recognition, gesture recognition and so on)

2. People/Devices Near Me (detect devices and the information about the people who use/own them and give the user the capability to share documents, play games, surf the web or just interact with them)

3. A testing program where users (like in the disability community) could test the software either on their system or via a bare metal install for testing purposes

4. Windows & other cloud services (including having access to a Microsoft/parter hosted Windows Server for testing websites, etc.) baked into the OS

5. Unquestioned accessibility to all products including XBOX 360, Office, Windows Live, Windows Server, Visual Studio, SQL Server, System Center and Windows Phone software and apps

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Microsoft v. Mac Full Screen Video Playback sizes

Has anyone ever wondered why Microsoft must have their full screen video sizes at only half screen while most (if not all) other Operating Systems out there give a viewer the entire screen to see the video in true full screen mode?  That SUCKS!!!  We need to take control of the video sizes and teach the monopolistic hog of a software giant a few other lessons like in accessibility, their new “Metro-style’ UI, publishing standards, user/visitor tracking and so on.  What we really need to teach the big bully of bullies in the software world is security and identity protection (We demand more security and not to be haunted by partners who pay for our names and information.  We also demand the maximum amount of security on the computer as far as anti-hacking, anti-virus, anti-tampering and other threat elimination (or at least drastric reduction) in fewer and fewer updates.).

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Hey Microsoft,

Hey Microsoft, I have an idea for you that shouldn’t take too much of your hard earned profits to pull off.  Have you ever thought of giving/offering to give test hardware to test new or forthcoming upgrades to products to the computer science or assistive technology-related sectors of your disabled user communities (deaf, blind/visually impaired, para/quadriplegic, etc.)?  If not, I don’t think it’d take too much of your hard earned profits to do and it just might put you in a better position to know what these communities want in/from your products.  If you’d be so willing to consider it, I’d like to see a representative from the Windows/Windows Live, Server & Tools and SQL Server product sectors of Microsoft to be at the various community conventions this Summer.  I’ll be in Dallas over the July 4th week and I’d like to see Tami Reller and/or Jason Zander at the National Federation of the Blind convention being held there that week.

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Solution for SOPA and PIPA Acceptability

Here’s what I’d like to see in a solution for SOPA and PIPA that would be acceptable to me and hopefully many others.

1. A protection of our basic rights on the free and open internet while giving the government (and many others around the world) the capability to go after foreign enemies

2. Our government using the technologists’ backlash as a tool to carve out a better future in energy policy (not to mention reality and fact), technology bill of rights, a summit where the discussion is how to improve, reinforce and transform rather than remove/repeal the 2010 healthcare reform law and so on

3. The people of the internet era using the internet as a tool to mandate companies, individuals and any other entities pay their fair share of taxes (all taxes)

4. Our government being able to continually look at industries, determine the best performing ones and deny them subsidies de jure (through laws, etc.)

5. Our government mandating all web, mobile and some other content types be equally accessible to, by and for all

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Stop SOPA and PIPA or turn into another China

Dear Congress (both Houses),

Do you want to turn this country into another PRC with internet censorship a mandate rather than a far flung fantasy because of our freedoms?  If so, follow the COC’s shepherds like lost lambs and we’ll resemble China in a few small years.  Otherwise, let the internet remain FREE, OPEN and all those other values we Americans hold so dear and let those government agencies intelligent enough to do their internet & telecom wizardry stop piracy, terrorism sponsorship, etc. their way.  Keep your hands off the controls of the internet in this fabulous nation unless we, the people tell you to.

Wikipedia and other businesses are shutting their sites down about now.  I give them all the credit, encouragement and so much more in the world to do so.  I hate SOPA and PIPA.  I’m leaving my website where it is until Thursday morning after I wake up for the same reason as Wikipedia’s leaving its website down for the next 24 hours.

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